Prestige Plaza


Prestige Plaza is a large mixed-use apartment complex comprised of two four-story 48 unit apartments, commercial office space, and 4 live/work units.

Roughly 100,000 sq-ft. of air-conditioned space is housed in 2 separate four-story buildings on a full city block with 70 parking spaces on site, and ample permit parking around it.

This building features high quality finishes, all LED lighting, Energy Star Appliances, American made materials, furniture, fixtures and equipment.

Prestige Plaza is the first complete FIBER LIT Building in the Vancouver/Portland area.

Every Unit has  fiber-optic Gigabit internet connectivity.
-100 times faster than average internet speeds.

With a Fiber Lit internet connection, you have enough speed to upload, surf, stream video, play games, and watch HD movies and shows all at the same time-without slowing down. If you work from home, you have the capacity to upload and download full projects in a matter of seconds.

The 4 live/work units, as well as secured parking are located on the ground floor with (12) studios, (50) 1-bed 1-bath, and (34) 2-bed 2-bath units located on floors two through four.

The apartments feature granite countertops, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances, full-size washers and dryers, air conditioning, laminate flooring, environmentally friendly carpet, low VOC paints, and fiber-optic Gigabit internet connectivity.

Community amenities include generous living-room style lobbies, a fabulous fitness room, a community conference room, on-site tenant storage, and outdoor barbecues and decks perfect for outdoor parties and watching the city’s famous 4th of July fireworks show.

former project

Prestige Development no longer owns, nor is involved in leasing Prestige Plaza apartments.  To inquire about Prestige Plaza, please call (360) 694-3333, or click the link below to email the Apartment Manager.